Mini Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

I heard a commercial for this on the radio (remember the radio?) and it sounded so dumb to me! But then I saw a preview for it and realized it looked hilarious. And it was! I saw this with my mom and we cracked up the whole time. Plot-wise, it’s really just a glorified Glee. We have auditions, and then regionals, and then nationals. And of course we have an unpopular girl getting romanced by a more popular boy. The music is fun but nothing I wanted to go download. But the script is just so great, and the character of Fat Amy is amazing. I know as a woman I’m probably supposed to go on some sort of feminist rant about how awful her character is, but Rebel Wilson is just perfect and hysterical. I have to warn you that there are a couple of scenes featuring projectile vomiting that were gross and unnecessary, but they don’t ruin the movie. I highly recommend this one!


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