Closet Purge

I love the idea of purging my closet down to the basics and my most favorite items. However when I actually do this, I end up getting rid of maybe two or three things each time. But I KNOW I only wear like the same ten things over and over again. So I’m trying to really give this a go. My intention is that if I can really do this, I will have the closet space to go shopping for things I really love and/or need. Here are some things I will consider when purging, and while shopping:

1. Do I really, REALLY love it? This one is hard for me, because I attach a lot of sentiment to clothes I own, especially if it was a gift. It’s also difficult because when I shop I tend to think that I am in love with everything I try on.

2. Do I have anything to wear it with? Do I want to buy something to wear it with? If I don’t have anything to wear it with, it leaves my closet/does not come home with me. The second question is more of a follow-up in case I try to convince myself that it’s totally worth it if I could just find _____.

3. Does/will this hurt my “closet GPA”? When I saw this concept on Young House Love I about died. It makes so much sense! Basically she says that everything in your closet should be a 10. Don’t buy a 7 just because it’s on sale, that will hurt the GPA!

4. Will my future children and grandchildren make fun of me for wearing this when they look at pictures of me? Some people say they will no matter what. But I disagree. There are some things that are just classic and flattering and I want to stick with those. This is the main reason I have not gotten onto the colored pants train.

5. Is it my style? This one is tricky because I’m trying to build up a work wardrobe, and work clothes do NOT feel like my style. I’ve gotten some items for work (on sale) that I realize just do not work for me. But then I hold on to them because what the hell else am I going to wear to work???

6. Have I worn it lately? Another tricky one for me. I don’t wear things but I am CONVINCED that someday I will. Also, the sentimentality thing I mentioned gets in the way again here.

7. Is it flattering? Sometimes things are on sale and cute and classic, but they just don’t look good on ME.

8. Is it age appropriate? There’s a big difference between 24-year-old-teacher-on-summer-break and 26-year-old-grad-student-almost-therapist. It’s weird, but there is. Some of the short summer dresses from Target just don’t feel quite right anymore.

9. Would a French woman wear this? Ok, this one is a little flimsy. But going about my life pretending to be French actually helps me with a lot of things (like how to behave and how to eat). The problem with this one is, I think a French woman would disapprove of basically everything I own. Except maybe one dress.

10. What’s the “cost per wear” of this item? If a pair of flats cost $200, but I wear those flats nearly every day, that’s a low cost per wear. Conversely, if a pair of amazing heels cost $75 but I will only wear them maybe twice a year, that’s a low cost per wear. This can get tricky when we start talking special occasions.

So the idea is that November and December shall be my closet purge months (just in time for new clothes at Christmas)! I will attempt to blog the process, and maybe expand on each of the above principles. I’ve already completed “phase 1” which entailed making a pile of things I honestly just don’t wear and don’t have too much sentiment attached too and trying to unload it onto to my friends. I created a pretty big pile, but I still have so. much. more. Anyway, I say I attempt to blog it because it might be difficult to really document this process, but I will do my best!

How do you go about purging your closet? How do you make sure you keep it trim?


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