Mini Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Saturday and I never thought I would blog about Twilight but I have some opinions! So here they are (oh there are spoilers so watch out!):

  1. Never has a movie presented teen motherhood in such a positive light.
  2. Kristen Stewart was still twitchy, but not nearly as much as she usually is.
  3. I liked that the film seemed very aware that Jacob “imprinting” on a baby is weird as f#@$! It’s weird enough when a man dates both a mother and daughter, but even more weird when the daughter is a newborn.
  4. In general this film did not seem to take itself too seriously. There were a number of times I laughed, and I’m pretty sure I was supposed to laugh, but it wasn’t because the source material is funny. Does that make sense?
  5. I am so glad they included a fight scene because seriously the whole book built up to a fight scene that never happened and that was stupid.
  6. However, did the battle have to be so violent? This movie is PG-13! There was no blood which is how I assume they got away with that (also lol, no blood in a vampire movie???) but beloved characters died, up close and in horrible ways.
  7. Also, I was disturbed by the amount of cheers when the bad guys died. I was recently part of a class discussion on how our culture celebrates the death of “bad people” when death of a fellow human is something that should probably never be celebrated. I know these are fictional characters and technically not human, but it bothers me to hear people, especially young people, cheer with excitement over the death of anybody.
  8. Furthermore, the bad guys in Breaking Dawn aren’t that bad. The Volturi are supposed to be the “big bads” in this series, but really Victoria was much worse. She actually had a motive and intent to kill Bella. Imminent danger. Scary. The Volturi were just creepy and maybe jumped to conclusions too quickly, but basically once they figured out that no crime was committed they’re like “oh ok, cool, no harm no foul”. So my point here is that Breaking Dawn would have been better with some real bad guys, and also people cheered over the deaths of people who were not that bad!!!!! Maybe they weren’t even bad at all! What did Jane ever do other than show off her gift of causing pain to people? She didn’t do it for that long, it’s like giving someone a noogie because you can. She caused no long-term damage.
  9. Okay, here is the biggest spoiler, sort of: The fight did not actually happen. People, myself included, can talk crap about the Twilight books and movies all day long. They are not good. Entertaining, sure, a little. But good? By no stretch of the mind. But it requires a certain amount of genius to be able to fool a crowd of people who KNOW HOW THE MOVIE IS GOING TO END. And we were fooled! I cried a little bit because the deaths were so brutal. People in the theater were outraged, saying “but this didn’t happen!” When it was all revealed to be Alice’s vision and not a real fight, the entire theater let out a collective sound of surprise and relief. Even though we knew this was a happy ending, we knew there was no fight scene, we were all fooled, at that is some solid screenwriting/directing right there. Though for the record,  I did whisper to Kathleen about half-way through this scene that it had to be a dream sequence, and she can vouch for that.
  10. The end credits showed a black and white clip of each character, with the character’s and actor’s name. The whole theater cheered for Taylor Lautner and his abs, kinda cheered for Robert Pattinson, and remained silent for Kristen Stewart. Awkward….

Anyway… who would have ever thought that I would have so much to say on a Twilight movie? Did you see it? What did you think?


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