Happy Birthday to Me! And some freebies!

Today is my birthday and I am now 27! I’ve been calling myself 27 for a while now, to get used to it. So it doesn’t really feel that special. Also I’m not taking the day off work, so I’m just generally not feeling super celebratory. However, some of my closest friends from church took me to the zoo on Saturday to celebrate, which was super fun! I found out that as a University of Houston student, I get FREE admission into the zoo. WHAT? Awesome.


And speaking of free, there are lots of ways to get things for free on your birthday! So here’s a little list of some I know of:

  1. Starbucks offers a free drink – ANY drink, ANY size – to those with a registered Starbucks card. Sadly you have to have registered your card a month before your birthday, and I did not. Oh well, there’s always next year!
  2. Denny’s will give you a free Grand Slam breakfast just for signing up for their mailing list. Actually you might not even need to sign up.
  3. Or maybe you’re more of an IHOP kid? Create an account with them and make sure to check the “pancake revolution” box. You’ll get a free meal just for signing up, and then another free one for your birthday. It’s a free Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity or a menu item of equal or lesser value.
  4. Baskin-Robbins offers a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday when you sign up for their birthday club! You also get a BOGO offer when you sign up.
  5. Sign up for La Madeleine’s e-mail list and you get a free soup or salad just for signing up, and a free pastry coupon on your birthday.
  6. Menchie’s frozen yogurt will give you credit for $5 off a frozen yogurt with your registered Smileage card.
  7. And if you happen to live in Houston, Texas Carwash will give you a coupon for a free car wash if you sign up for their mailing list!

Do you know of any offers I’ve missed???


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