Mini Movie Review: Argo

I saw Argo a long time ago. And then I moved and never got around to writing a review. I was watching the Academy Awards with some friends when two of them said they were leaving rightthissecond to see Argo. So I went! It was about 10:00 on a Sunday and so no one was there, just the three of us in the theater, which is always fun.

Anyway, Argo is not my typical movie. I don’t usually like movies about politics or war, or things based on a true story (unless it’s a funny true story), or dramas unless they are also quirky or something. But I really liked Argo! Why? Because even though I knew what was going to happen (based on a true story) the movie was still truly suspenseful and I was legitimately nervous for the outcome the whole time. Even though I knew everything was going to be ok. So I think that’s a sign of a pretty dang good movie. So you should totally rent it, even if it’s not your typical film genre of choice.

In case you forgot because it was so long ago, here’s the preview:


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