Stitch Fix #1

I got my very first Stitch Fix on Saturday! I was seriously so excited for this yall. If you’re not sure what Stitch Fix is, I wrote about it last week. But to summarize: You fill out an extensive style profile, you pay $20, a Stitch Fix personal stylist picks out five pieces for you, it comes in the mail, you try them on, pay for what you want to keep and mail the rest back. It’s awesome for people who are stuck in a fashion rut (me!), don’t have time to shop, or who just love fashion!

Anyway, without further ado, here is what I got in my very first Stitch Fix (please ignore my awkward smiles):

1. Corey Pleated Front Top by Tyler Kim – $48
IMG_1488 This was really confusing to put on because the undershirt is attached to the sheer top at the bottom. Once I figured it out though, I actually kind of loved it. I could see myself wearing it with skinny jeans for a night out! Unfortunately, the attached undershirt was too big and hung too low, showing my bra.

Oh, here’s an example of the styling card they send with each piece:

2. Dharma Bird Print Sheer Blouse by Daniel Rainn – $68
IMG_1486This is the first piece I tried on, and my parents both LOVED it. I liked it a lot, and will you look at how skinny it makes my legs look? I want more printed blouses, and the unusually cool Houston weather has inspired me to buy more long-sleeved, light-weight shirts. This was definitely a contender. Oh, here is a close up of the print if you are curious:

3. Penrose Lacy Overlay Tank by Mystree – $68

I loved this the moment I took it out of the box. I was worried it would be too big when I put it on, but it looked like a dream. I feel like my stylist really listened to my interest in adding more bohemian elements to my wardrobe while maintaining an overall classic vibe. The only negative to this one is I already have quite a bit of coral in my wardrobe. Oh but check out the back detail:
penroseback4. Freddy Sleeveless Chiffon Dress by RD Style – $58
IMG_1490I love the color of this dress SO MUCH. It was easy to decide to send this one back though because it was too big on the top. Also I just don’t feel like I want to spend that much money on such a basic dress.

5. Michelle Striped Knit Blazer by THML – $78
IMG_1487This was love at first wear. It is perfectly preppy, it fits perfectly, it’s a great weight, it’s so beautifully constructed. A friend of mine has a striped blazer she also got from Stitch Fix that she wears all the time. As much as I love this though, I’m just not sure I would wear it as much as I would a solid bright colored blazer. Maybe if it was fall instead of spring I would have snatched this up, but for now it just didn’t feel right.

So what did I pick?
It came down to these two:
stitchfix1I passed on the black top and the dress because they didn’t fit, and on the blazer because I just don’t see myself getting a lot of wear out of it right now, despite how much I liked it. Choosing between these two was really difficult. I was immediately drawn to the tank, but my parents and several friends were big supporters of the printed blouse. I asked myself two questions: Which of these am I likely to wear right away? and Would I be sad if I had to send this back?

The answers? I am most likely to wear the tank top right away. I’d wanted to wear it to my graduation party that night but decided to wait to decide until the next day. Would I be sad to send it back? Yes. Would I be sad to send the other one back? Nope. I realized I was only really considering it because I’d gotten such positive feedback, but I didn’t really love it or how I looked in it. So this was the winner!


So my overall thoughts? This box was ok. I think it’s a good first effort and if my stylist listens to my feedback I am confident my next box will be better. I also realized that I don’t want more off-white/beige so I went back to my profile and made that adjustment. I was also a little annoyed because I specifically requested no polyester and basically everything I got except the blazer was polyester. If I could afford it I would totally schedule another box for next month, but since I can’t, I’ll wait until September and get a jump start on my fall wardrobe!

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix please use my referral link! I get $25 credit if you get a Fix using my link!


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