Birchbox: July 2014 and August 2014

It’s been a long time since I got a Birchbox! I get the sense that this particular box has fallen out of favor as the subscription box market has gotten more saturated. People seem to prefer Ipsy these days? Anyway, I ordered one box in late June, hoping the July box would get here just in time for my NYC trip so maybe I could have some useful travel sized samples. Sadly, it arrived at my doorstep a few hours after I’d left for the airport! Oh well!

I had quickly cancelled my subscription to avoid being charged for a second box, since I really only wanted the one for traveling. So imagine my surprise when I got a charge! I shrugged it off, but was delighted to receive an e-mail stating that they had charged me by mistake, and that even though the August box had already shipped, they would refund my money. Well ok then!

Here’s what was in my July box:



I love the LAQA & Co. sheer lip lube pencil. The coral color goes on sheer and provides both moisture and color, but I do find if I have dry lips at all it looks pretty bad. I also like the Joie perfume. I know people hate getting fragrance in their boxes but I love it! I never ever buy fragrance because it’s so expensive, so I love getting these samples. They last a long time! I haven’t tried the anti-wrinkle serum, the Egyptian Magic skin cream, or the Davines hair products yet, but I have to say I’m quite pleased with the size of the shampoo! Saving it for future travel! Oh there was also a chocolate square, but since I was in New York I told my mom to open the box and eat it so it didn’t end up tasting like perfume or shampoo.

Here’s the August box:


Yay surprise free box! I really love the Cynthia Rowley eyeliner, even though it’s silver. That’s a little out there for me! But seriously it goes on so easily, I’m sold. Through reviewing the samples I got I had $10 of credit, so I just paid $6 (free shipping!) to order this product in a more neutral color (charcoal). I also enjoy the Naobay lotion. I’m not sure what’s supposed to be special about it, but it feels nice and smells like grapefruit I think so I like it. I love the smell of the shower gel but the foil sample was difficult to use so I didn’t get a great feel for the product. The dry shampoo is a big sample but I just don’t like dry shampoo. Haven’t tried the eye cream yet, I’m just not into it even though I know at 28 I need to be. I’m sure it’s wonderful.

Overall these are good boxes. Good size samples, good variety, nothing that made me say WTF. Birchbox win! If you want to get your own please consider using my link so I can get credit. :)


I went to New York City!

I think I alluded this was happening in my post about my disappointing Stitch Fix. The good news is my own clothes were totally good enough for a trip. Why do I doubt my ability to pick out clothes I love and dress myself? Anyway, it had been at least six years since I’d been in New York, and we used to go a lot, so it felt like a pretty big deal to go back. My uncle and his family in New Jersey bought an apartment in Manhattan so I saved my pennies for a flight and took off to visit!

Since I’ve already seen the super touristy things, I tried to do things I hadn’t done before, while of course visiting some old favorites. If I share all the details I’ll get wordy too fast, so here are pictures!

Central Park – In all my family’s past trips to New York, we’d only cut through the park as a shortcut, and briefly visited Strawberry Fields. I was on my own on Friday morning so I used that time to explore the park. At one point I saw a sign pointing me towards a castle, and I ended up at Belvedere Castle, seen in the last picture.




Pippin on Broadway – I first saw Pippin ten years ago at a local high school and it became one of my favorite musicals, despite having never seen it performed by professionals. Well, I can’t say that anymore! This is probably tied with seeing Cabaret at Studio 54 back in 2004 as my favorite musical theater experience.


The High Line – This is new since my last trip to New York! Basically this was an abandoned, elevated rail line that has been converted into a park. It wasn’t too crowded, there were a few vendors selling treats (including my strawberry ginger popsicle from People’s Pops), lots of flowers, and unique views of the city.


American Museum of Natural History – This is one of my old favorite places in New York. As a kid I loved this museum, and in high school Holden Caulfield’s description of it made me love it even more. These are my three favorite things in the museum: the Great Canoe (which has been elevated and the Native Americans removed since my last visit), the Giant Sequoia (which has historical events from its 1400 years of life written on it), and the 94-foot long blue whale in the Hall of Ocean Life.

ny11ny12ny13The Metropolitan Museum of Art – This place is huge and has so much famous art. My cousin Adam took an art history class in college and actually learned so much (this surprises me because I learned exactly nothing in my college art history class). This is just a selfie of me, my cousin, and Van Gogh.


Washington Square Park – I am 99% sure that’s where I was. Monday was my last day in New York and again, I was on my own. I took the subway down to the West Village and then meandered over to Greenwich Village. What I think is so great about New York and that you can just wander around and suddenly find yourself in someplace beautiful and historically significant. Anyway, I sat on a bench and talked to my mom on the phone, and this was my view.


Brooklyn Bridge – One of my friends probably told me a dozen times that I should walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Genius me decided to walk from Greenwich Village even though I had no idea where I was going, rather than take a cab or the subway. I eventually made it and it was pretty great! I wish the weather had been better. There’s a really cool old subway entrance nearby, and I gasped audibly when I saw the Statue of Liberty from the bridge (I kind of forgot she lived there?).



Going Home – I took a shuttle to LaGuardia, where it started storming. My flight was delayed a bit, and then they said it was oversold and offered $300 in travel vouchers to three people willing to give up their seats. So I did it. I didn’t have any reason to get back to Houston immediately, I love traveling but can’t really afford it, and I didn’t love the idea of flying through the storm. So I did it! They put me in a hotel near the airport for free and booked me on a flight the next day. Of course, I’d checked my bag and it was too late to get it back, so I didn’t look too great the next day!


Overall it was a lovely trip, and now I have a way to go back sooner than expected! What do you love to do in New York?

Stitch Fix #3

Back in April I scheduled my third Stitch Fix and requested dresses and a blazer for work. Then I got laid off (don’t worry, I have a new job!) and decided to cancel it. Then I got $50 in referral credit and thought I’d schedule a fix for some cool clothes for my upcoming trip to New York City. I requested casual tops and dresses with a Gossip Girl vibe, and even wrote customer service to make sure that even though my profile was geared towards work clothes, I exclusively wanted casual clothes for my trip in this box.

When my box shipped I cheated and looked at what I was getting (there aren’t pictures but a quick Google search helps with that!). Trousers, a knee-length skirt, a tight dress, a shirt that looks like something my mom would wear, and a tank top I couldn’t find a picture of. I was worried.

Sure enough when my box arrived, the note from my stylist was all about clothes for the office, plus the dress for going out and the tank top for weekends. I wrote to customer service again and my stylist replied, apologizing but also not offering to fix the problem, only offering me tips on how this fix could work in New York. She did say that if I ended up not keeping any of it, she could work something out. I wrote back to say it wasn’t looking good and got $25 more credit. Not sure if that’s from her or another referral since I haven’t gotten a reply yet (but it’s a holiday so I wasn’t expecting one).

Anyway, I had my mom take pictures for this post but my camera was set up manual focus and she didn’t notice. So they’re blurry. And I think the fact that I’m not reshooting goes to show how little I care for this fix. :(

First Impressions: This is definitely not what I wanted for New York. But maybe something will work for me. The colors are gorgeous, definitely my colors.




1. Darcy Weave Jersey T-Shirt Dress by Pomelo – $68


This dress is pretty great actually! It fits well and is flattering. When I saw it online I was very skeptical of the weave effect but once it’s on, it doesn’t look weird. It is very lightweight and comfortable and hides imperfections. Ultimately I decided not to keep it because it just fits closer to my body than what I normally wear and I thought that if I kept it, I would end up not wearing it all that much. I also felt like the weaves sometimes sat funny and I had to readjust. See?


2. Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser by Margaret M – $98

IMG_0266I have never been into the colored pants trend but consider me a convert! Anyway, I was also skeptical about these pants because a) how could they possibly fit me and b) high waisted??? But really, they are great. They are pull-on and have a tummy panel and feel like yoga pants. They’re expensive, but I will pay for comfortable work clothes. I did a Pinterest search for outfit ideas and was so inspired. Ultimately I am sending these back as well. They kind of make my butt look big! I’m really hoping I can find some emerald skinny jeans though because I send these back with a heavy heart.

3. Jessika Linen Solid Swing Skirt – $68


First of all, you already sent me a much cuter skirt this color. Second, I could make sew this myself, it is not unique or interesting at all. Third, I felt like a school marm in this. Fourth, it is too big. Sent it back.


4. Corinne Striped Knit Tank by Olive & Oak – $44


This is cute and totally my style, so much so that I already have a shirt almost just like it. The only difference is the white ribbon going down the front goes down the sides. Also this shirt is too big.


Oh I took a mirror selfie in this one, in case you want to see it non-blurry.


5. Juliano Chevron Print Twist Shoulder Cowl Neck Top – $88


Oh my gosh, just no. This looks like my mom’s shirt. If my mom did Stitch Fix and they sent this to her, I would totally get it. But no. Just no. The colors are awesome but other than that I have nothing good to say. The print is way too much, it’s too big on the top, the cowl neck/twist shoulder is just too much. The fabric is soft and feels nice but it’s also kind of heavy. Just NO.


Maybe you like it and want a non-blurry version?


Overall: I didn’t keep any of it. I feel some twinges of regret about the pants, but I’m hoping I can find something at the mall that looks better on me and maybe is a lower price. I’m glad I got them though because I never would have tried on bright green pants otherwise! Currently I have $55 worth of credit so I’m going to do another fix, but I feel like my faith in this company just went way down. If you’re still interested in trying, use my referral link and I can keep trying!


I Pet a Giraffe!

Giraffes became my favorite animal in the spring of 2011. I was a high school teacher then, and we took the students on a field trip to the Houston Zoo. It was then I learned that for a mere $5, you can feed the giraffes three pieces of lettuce. I’d never cared for giraffes one way or another until then, but something about being so close to them just won me over and I was in love.


Since then, I’ve fed the giraffes a LOT. I also started learning more and more about them and I just realized everything they do is weird! Their tongues, the way they fight, the way they sleep, the way they have to drink water… So now when people think of me, they think giraffes.

Anyway, for my 28th birthday my parents got me a behind the scenes tour of the giraffe barn at the zoo! It took a couple of months but I recruited a friend to go with me and we scheduled the tour for June 3 (almost a month ago!). Here’s how it all went down.

We met the tour guide near the front of the zoo just before noon. There were 6 people total on the tour and the guide said that was a good number because we’d get more giraffe time. We met the keepers at the barn and they led us up to the second story platform to meet the giraffes!

giraffe2First we fed them lettuce, and then came the giraffe kisses, which is when you put a piece of sweet potato in your mouth and let the giraffe take it from you. “The closer you get, the less tongue they use,” said the keepers.

giraffe3The giraffes that were bottle raised, like Miles, like to be pet.

giraffe4One of the giraffes definitely got a little tongue in my mouth too, so that was pretty gross (and it was caught on video!).

Basically it was like the $5 feeding you can do most days, except there’s no line behind you to rush you and you can pet them! It was such a relaxed environment and the keepers kept using the word “intimate” when comparing it to the standard feeding. I couldn’t agree more and I really REALLY want to do it again!

Click here to see the options available for tours at the zoo. They cost $75 for non-members and $50 for members. It is so worth it! My uncle wants us to do the lion/tiger tour so look for a post on that someday!

More posts coming soon…

Oh hey. It’s been a while.

Whenever I decide to blog, I immediately have all these plans of all the things I will write about. I will have features, and they will be regular, and I will write so consistently. Basically I start out with the expectation that my blog will read and look like this is my job. But it’s not.

I also get too personal. I want this to be a personal blog, but this is the Internet, so I don’t need to post every detail. Just the things that I think are fun and that I don’t mind the world knowing.

So I’m going to write again but I don’t know how often. Most likely there will be weeks when I post like 5 times and then months when I don’t post at all. And that’s ok.

I’m working on a real post for later today or tomorrow, and I’m also going back through my old posts and deciding which ones to make public again and which ones to delete for good. So sorry in advance if your blog reader makes it seem like I have 20 new posts when really I’m just making some old ones public again.

Stitch Fix #2

I got my second Stitch Fix about two weeks ago! I know I said I was waiting until September, but then I could some graduation money and couldn’t resist. If you’re not sure what Stitch Fix is, you can read my first post about it here. Also be sure to check out my first box here! But to summarize: You fill out an extensive style profile, you pay $20, a Stitch Fix personal stylist picks out five pieces for you, it comes in the mail, you try them on, pay for what you want to keep and mail the rest back. It’s a pretty fun service that’s helped me get some pieces that I wouldn’t normally pick out myself.

My second box was pretty different from my first one. I tweaked my style profile a little bit so that it reflected my taste more accurately (no beige or white, more fitted tops) and I specifically requested bright colors, fun prints, and lightweight tops for summer. Each time you get a fix there’s a space to make specific requests like this:


My stylist did pretty good, but I was disappointed to not see ANY cotton. Two of my tops were 100% polyester and were long sleeve, which is not super summery. But overall I was pretty happy. Anyway, you’ll see! (PS: I am not wearing make-up in these photos please do not judge me)

1. Brooke Dot Print Tab Sleeve Blouse by Ellison – $38

Not off to a good start here. Yes, there is pattern. But it’s black and HEAVY polyester. Not remotely summer appropriate. It’s also very shapeless and not at all fitted. Umm, ok. Not really what I asked for. However, it looks nice tucked in, will work well when it gets cooler, fits my style well, and the price was right. So I’m keeping it, but for later in the year.

2. Diane Belted Colorblock Tank Dress by Kensie – $58
dianedress58This dress looks better in person than in this photo for sure. The color is great, it’s lightweight, great for summer. Decent price, good fit, can’t complain. Except I wish it had more pattern, the color block is less than thrilling.

3. Ruthie Cross-Front Side-Ruched Top by Dylan and Rose – $48
ruthietop48I feel like you can’t tell how skinny this shirt makes me look in the picture. As soon as I put this on my mother told me I had to keep it. Normally I would not spend $48 on what is basically a glorified t-shirt but I really look that good in it. And I figure anything that flattering is worth at least $48. It also looks good with a cami under it if I wanted to wear it to work. Oh and it’s bright red! Yay! Color!

4. Ashton Pleated Chiffon Skirt by Everly – $48
ashtonskirt48This isn’t something I would have picked out for myself, but it’s fun and summery and the color is pretty. It’s a little shorter than I normally like but it’s definitely not too short. There’s not much to say about it, it’s just a great little summer skirt and I don’t have many of those!

5. Giselle Striped Tab-Sleeve Blouse by Fun2Fun – $48
giselleshirt48Little stripes are hard to photograph! I should be wearing something under this shirt, I apologize for the sheer factor. Anyway this was the other long-sleeve polyester top that apparently Stitch Fix thinks is great for summer. I like it anyway though. The stripes are hot pink and turquoise and it’s a lighter poly than the polka dot shirt. I actually wore this one already and got a few compliments, so I guess it’s a winner!

Anyway if you can’t tell, I kept the whole box. When you keep all five pieces you get a 25% discount, and with my $20 pre-paid styling fee I only had to pay $165 for all of this. Which is $33 an item, which isn’t bad.

Overall though, I feel like while I liked everything in this box, I did not LOVE any of it. I’m not sure what else to do to get items that I really really really love. Maybe I will make a Pinterest board separate from my usual fashion one that is more specific to what I really want, but I’m skeptical that they spend much time on Pinterest when styling for us. Can they really have that much time? I will probably wait until fall to get another box just because it’s expensive and I don’t have a job.

If you’re ready to try Stitch Fix I would just love it if you’d use my referral link! I get a $25 credit that I can use to buy more clothes from my next box! Thanks in advance.

Things That Make Me Smile

I read somewhere that everyone should be able to rattle off a list of 10 things that make them happy. I tried to think and beyond the basic “my family” and “my friends” I was really discouraged to realize that didn’t know what made me happy! This list has taken a while to develop, but I’m glad to have it for future reference if I’m every having a blah day.

1. A good YouTube video. This is a new favorite, but here’s a link to my ever-growing playlist of videos that make me laugh.

2. The humor section of Pinterest. I look at this section of Pinterest when I’m bored or sad. Usually bored. I try not to look at it too much in public because it makes me laugh out loud, REALLY loud. It recently produced this gem:

3. Cuddling with dogs (especially puppies). This is scientifically proven to make people happier, so it’s no surprise. The dog pictured is my standard poodle, Shep, who died almost 2 years ago. So for now, I have to borrow other peoples’ pups.

4. A chai latte (especially from Onion Creek). These are good hot or iced, and Onion Creek in the Heights has the best chai latte I’ve ever had. There is just something so comforting about them!

5. Singing along to musical soundtracks. I sang in the school choir in junior high and high school, and even a semester in college. My singing muscles aren’t in great shape these days, but I still love belting out some showtunes in the car.

6. Disney movies. I think there is just something comforting about watching an old animated movie. Even though they almost always involve the death of a parent, they usually have happy endings. And songs to sing along to (see above).

7. Getting mail. I mean duh, who doesn’t love this? It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I’ll get an invitation to something, or a thank you note, or a letter from my Compassion International sponsored child (my favorite kind of mail). Regardless of the type of mail (as long as it’s not junk), something in the mail with my name on it makes me smile every time!

8. Pumpkin bread from Starbucks. This is probably horrible for me but I love it. Love love love it.

9. Cooking/baking things that people love. I really need to work on getting some of my favorite recipes up here, but here are links to a couple EASY desserts that always get amazing feedback: Two ingredient pumpkin muffins and Nutella cookie cups (on the latter, I use pre-made cookie dough to make it even easier).

10. Getting a great deal. This is why I love going to the J.Crew Factory Outlet when I’m feeling down. Not because shopping/buying things makes me feel better, but because I love knowing I got a good deal. The J.Crew outlet has lower prices already, plus outlet discounts, plus I get 15% off with my school ID. It shows on the receipt how much I saved and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

Can you think of 10 things off the top of your head that make YOU happy? Now that I’ve finally come up with my list, I can think of a few more: feeding giraffes at the zoo, buying the perfect present for somebody, reading a thoughtful note in a card, playing with happy babies/toddlers. But coming up with those first 10 was definitely a challenge. If you write a list like this I’d love to see it, so link in the comments!