More posts coming soon…

Oh hey. It’s been a while.

Whenever I decide to blog, I immediately have all these plans of all the things I will write about. I will have features, and they will be regular, and I will write so consistently. Basically I start out with the expectation that my blog will read and look like this is my job. But it’s not.

I also get too personal. I want this to be a personal blog, but this is the Internet, so I don’t need to post every detail. Just the things that I think are fun and that I don’t mind the world knowing.

So I’m going to write again but I don’t know how often. Most likely there will be weeks when I post like 5 times and then months when I don’t post at all. And that’s ok.

I’m working on a real post for later today or tomorrow, and I’m also going back through my old posts and deciding which ones to make public again and which ones to delete for good. So sorry in advance if your blog reader makes it seem like I have 20 new posts when really I’m just making some old ones public again.