Normal Person Gift Guide

I always look forward to holiday gift guides, but honestly I am usually pretty disappointed because the gifts always seem either too expensive or just really specific to a type of person that is not in my life. Especially guides on blogs. I don’t know about your mom, but mine would think I’d gone crazy if I got her a Kate Spade iPhone case. She’d think it was pretty, sure, but it just isn’t the kind of gift she would want. So I tried to make my gift guide for the more everyday, non-fancy kind of people in our lives.

1. Snuggie – $10-20. I mean seriously, I love my Snuggie. I resisted because they look so stupid, but this is really one of the greatest things ever. If your parents or grandparents don’t have their very own Snuggies yet, this is perfect. Look how much my grandfather loves my Snuggie!

2. Turbie Twist – $10 for 2. This is great for women in your life with long hair, especially if you have ever heard them complain about drying their hair. I have several and I use them every single day.

3. Vera Bradley tablet or laptop sleeve – $28-45. I don’t know if people everywhere know Vera Bradley or if it’s more of a down South kind of thing, but I love their luggage! I recently got myself a laptop sleeve in the “Happy Snails” pattern and it makes me so much happier than the plain black one I’d been using for years. This would be great for a girl or woman who carries her laptop or iPad around with her constantly.

4. Birchbox gift subscription – $30-200. This is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten! A 3-month subscription is only $30 and the giftee receives a package in the mail filled with high end beauty samples for each month! Birchbox also offers boxes for men, but I think that’s a certain type of man who would enjoy that. I’ve written about what I’ve gotten in my Birchboxes here.

5. I Want To Draw A Cat For You – $10. This is for that quirky person in your life who has everything. You tell this guy what kind of cat you want him to draw, and he draws it. So you could get a teacher cat, or a med school cat, or a barista cat. Some people get really specific about what they want, the options are really endless. Plus it has this hilarious video:

I did see on his website that he conservatively estimates 3-5 weeks for a drawing, so this might come too late for Christmas. Oops! But he also says it might get there sooner, so maybe it’s worth a try!

Anyway, I hope this gift guide is helpful for you! You may notice it leans towards the feminine side, and that is because I never have any idea what to get men in my life for Christmas or their birthdays or anything. Maybe I will make that a goal for 2013, to develop a gift guide for men. Again, the ones I see online are so weird. They pretty much exclusively recommend shaving products and whisky stones. *sigh*