What to Buy a 19-Month Old

I won a blog giveaway a few weeks ago, which of course made me so excited! But then a little less excited when I realized the prize was a $50 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids…and I don’t have kids. But then excited again when I realized I could use it to spoil one of my favorite kids ever! So this weekend Kathleen, Meredith and I spent a few hours exploring and playing in Pottery Barn Kids. Then I figured, there are probably lots of single people like me who have no idea what to get as gifts for their friends kids. So here is a post of the things at Pottery Barn Kids that Meredith (19.5 months) seemed to like best. PS: sorry this is probably no help if the toddler in your life is a boy.

1. Doll Stroller: There were several of these in the store and Meredith loved pushing all of them around! She’s not super into dolls yet but the stroller is fun anyway. In this picture she is pushing the Doll Umbrella Sherpa Stroller, which is on sale for $39.
WP_0009802. Something That Makes Noise: Be careful here because if it’s TOO noisy her parents will not like you very much. But this teapot (pictured below) was PERFECT. It’s shiny and cool looking, and it makes a pouring sound when you pour it. Meredith loved it and poured pretend tea into teacups over and over again. The noise is not really loud or annoying, so it’s pretty perfect. $30.

3. Tea Set: Meredith also enjoyed pretending to drink tea out of the various tea sets on display. She makes a little satisfied “aaah!” sound when she’s done sipping. The best part is that when she was all done, she took them to the play sink and pretended to wash them! Anyway, I like this particular set because it’s made of tin (aka not breakable). $20 for a 9-piece set.

4. Play Table and Chairs: We’re getting into pricier territory here, but Meredith really loved climbing into these kid-sized chairs and sitting at the kid-sized table. She’d get on and off the chair over and over! She might be a little too young to really sit there for long and attend to a task, but it’s something she could grow into and adapt to different developmental purposes (coloring, tea parties, puzzles, etc). I think this was the set she spent most of her time at, and it costs $159. But I bet you could thrift or even build something yourself, if you’re clever like that.

5. The Anywhere Chair: After getting bored with the toy section, Meredith discovered the Anywhere Chair in the furniture department. We could tell pretty quickly that she was loving it. She sat on it, stood on it, laid on it, rolled around on it… The slipcovers come in lots of different colors so you can make it work in any room, it’s easy to move around, and so comfy and fun for the little ones! Kathleen ended up putting the gift card towards purchasing this!