Stitch Fix #3

Back in April I scheduled my third Stitch Fix and requested dresses and a blazer for work. Then I got laid off (don’t worry, I have a new job!) and decided to cancel it. Then I got $50 in referral credit and thought I’d schedule a fix for some cool clothes for my upcoming trip to New York City. I requested casual tops and dresses with a Gossip Girl vibe, and even wrote customer service to make sure that even though my profile was geared towards work clothes, I exclusively wanted casual clothes for my trip in this box.

When my box shipped I cheated and looked at what I was getting (there aren’t pictures but a quick Google search helps with that!). Trousers, a knee-length skirt, a tight dress, a shirt that looks like something my mom would wear, and a tank top I couldn’t find a picture of. I was worried.

Sure enough when my box arrived, the note from my stylist was all about clothes for the office, plus the dress for going out and the tank top for weekends. I wrote to customer service again and my stylist replied, apologizing but also not offering to fix the problem, only offering me tips on how this fix could work in New York. She did say that if I ended up not keeping any of it, she could work something out. I wrote back to say it wasn’t looking good and got $25 more credit. Not sure if that’s from her or another referral since I haven’t gotten a reply yet (but it’s a holiday so I wasn’t expecting one).

Anyway, I had my mom take pictures for this post but my camera was set up manual focus and she didn’t notice. So they’re blurry. And I think the fact that I’m not reshooting goes to show how little I care for this fix. :(

First Impressions: This is definitely not what I wanted for New York. But maybe something will work for me. The colors are gorgeous, definitely my colors.




1. Darcy Weave Jersey T-Shirt Dress by Pomelo – $68


This dress is pretty great actually! It fits well and is flattering. When I saw it online I was very skeptical of the weave effect but once it’s on, it doesn’t look weird. It is very lightweight and comfortable and hides imperfections. Ultimately I decided not to keep it because it just fits closer to my body than what I normally wear and I thought that if I kept it, I would end up not wearing it all that much. I also felt like the weaves sometimes sat funny and I had to readjust. See?


2. Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser by Margaret M – $98

IMG_0266I have never been into the colored pants trend but consider me a convert! Anyway, I was also skeptical about these pants because a) how could they possibly fit me and b) high waisted??? But really, they are great. They are pull-on and have a tummy panel and feel like yoga pants. They’re expensive, but I will pay for comfortable work clothes. I did a Pinterest search for outfit ideas and was so inspired. Ultimately I am sending these back as well. They kind of make my butt look big! I’m really hoping I can find some emerald skinny jeans though because I send these back with a heavy heart.

3. Jessika Linen Solid Swing Skirt – $68


First of all, you already sent me a much cuter skirt this color. Second, I could make sew this myself, it is not unique or interesting at all. Third, I felt like a school marm in this. Fourth, it is too big. Sent it back.


4. Corinne Striped Knit Tank by Olive & Oak – $44


This is cute and totally my style, so much so that I already have a shirt almost just like it. The only difference is the white ribbon going down the front goes down the sides. Also this shirt is too big.


Oh I took a mirror selfie in this one, in case you want to see it non-blurry.


5. Juliano Chevron Print Twist Shoulder Cowl Neck Top – $88


Oh my gosh, just no. This looks like my mom’s shirt. If my mom did Stitch Fix and they sent this to her, I would totally get it. But no. Just no. The colors are awesome but other than that I have nothing good to say. The print is way too much, it’s too big on the top, the cowl neck/twist shoulder is just too much. The fabric is soft and feels nice but it’s also kind of heavy. Just NO.


Maybe you like it and want a non-blurry version?


Overall: I didn’t keep any of it. I feel some twinges of regret about the pants, but I’m hoping I can find something at the mall that looks better on me and maybe is a lower price. I’m glad I got them though because I never would have tried on bright green pants otherwise! Currently I have $55 worth of credit so I’m going to do another fix, but I feel like my faith in this company just went way down. If you’re still interested in trying, use my referral link and I can keep trying!